Ramon Sangüesa

Main orchestrator

Ramon has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a Master’s Degree in Science Communication. His academic background covers technology but also design and sociology. He is or has been professor and affiliate researcher at the Technical University of Catalonia, Columbia University, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Toronto and Università degli Studi di Salerno, among others. He has, however, an obsession with knowledge that comes from practice. He has been active in cocreation and in the promotion of an interdisciplinary approach to problem framing and solving collaborating with artists, scientists, social scientists and plain citizens in projects ranging from research to social digital innovation. Loves and write and to travel to exotic places… that might be just around the corner.

Arianna Mazzeo

Co-Designer of everything

Arianna Mazzeo is a designer with a strong background in design for communities, sustainability and social innovation. The leader of the DESIS network of social innovation in Spain, she is advancing the frontiers of design in incorporarting the performative turn into it and exploring its reslationship to joint collaborative creativity, co-creation, co-design and social (digital) innovation with a strong interest in non-colonial approaches to design. She has collaborated with Unesco,Victoria & Albert Museum, Open Design Festival, Xschool, European Economic and Social Comitée. She is very much into music. If you want to make her happy, just talk about David Bowie.

Ignasi Alcalde


If there is anyone with an excellent ability to turn any hard and bleeding edge knowledge into something that can be trained, this is Ignasi. With a Master’s Degree in the Knowledge and Information Society (directed by Manuel Castells) he has developed an extensive career devoted to bring clarity to the complex technologies that we live by. He is the author of a best-seller introduction to Data Visualisation and has cooperated with several organization devoted to open data being one of the very few trainers in Spain that are certified by the Open Data Institute. His lectures and courses have inspired hundreds of people from organizations such as the Open Knowledge Foundation, The Association for Investigative Journalists, Open University of Catalonia,  or MyData. He practice  buddhist meditation.