What we do

  • We raise awareness about the complexity, challenges and opportunities of the world of data, algorithms and its culture and economy.
  • We help you change by co-designing with you the new opportunities we can spot together.

So we organize our services around: awareness, training, co-design, co-construction and joint learning around data, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies that are changing everything from education to business to, well, culture itself.

  • Awareness

    We develop projects to make audience know about the current challenges and opportunities that technologies present our society with. We develop actions for organizations and companies to communicate to and engage with their stakeholders and audiences. For a hint of these type of projects have a look at “You and your data” for example, in our projects page.

  • Training

    We devise specific training programs for your organization, stakeholders and audiences in connection with big data, open data, personal data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and design. See for example “Personal Data Coach” in the projects page.

  • Co-design

    All of us believe in open collaboration to develop new solutions. Our unique strength lies in the combination of the qualitative methods of the social sciences and design with the quantitative approaches of the hard science and the data culture.  We work on personalized basis going beyond typical consultancy.