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Our coffee team!

Ramon Sangüesa

Main Orchestrator

Ramon has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a Master’s Degree in Science Communication. His academic background covers technology but also design and sociology. He is or has been professor and affiliate researcher at the Technical University of Catalonia, Columbia University, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Toronto and Università degli Studi di Salerno, among others. He has, however, an obsession with knowledge that comes from practice. He has been active in cocreation and in the promotion of an interdisciplinary approach to problem framing and solving collaborating with artists, scientists, social scientists and plain citizens in projects ranging from research to social digital innovation. Loves and write and to travel to exotic places… that might be just around the corner.


Teresa Roig

Connecting Minds

Freelance. Her specialty is to connect different worlds and disciplines. She works in the development of innovative and transversal projects in the humanistic, social, technological and scientific fields. From 1989 until 2018 she worked at the CCCB in different positions: Chief of management office, head of press department, head of website and responsible for new audiences and institutional relations.


Xavier Satorra

The Usual Suspect

Xavier Satorra has a degree in Communication from Ramon Llull University (Barcelona, 2001). He did an Erasmus exchange program grant in Lisbon (2000/01). Right after finishing his studies he started working for Telefonica’s digital television platform in Madrid. Two years after he founded the award winner creative studio The Visual Suspects (2003), coinciding with the co-realization of a self-funded documentary project (Seria Buenos Aires?) filmed in Spain and Argentina, which won a national prize for young artists (Injuve, Spain 2006). Since then he has been alternating corporate works with artistic projects with which he has won international awards as a writer, director and producer.